Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome to The Republican Views Blog - Where GOD Leads us to Salvation.

Welcome to my first blog. My name is Doctor Reverend Dean Hunter and just like many of you I am very upset about how the government is handling our affairs.

I am on a mission from God to expose the government for the immoral sins against humanity that are being committed at this moment. This is a project that I will do on my spare time when I am either not praying or mentoring our youth with my strong morally straight conservative views. I will expose the issues that are corrupting this country by addressing the moral sins that have led to our dire situation.

These are dark times where God will pass judgment on humanity for turning away from the church. Judgment day is coming and it is time to act. We must stop allowing these democratic liberals from sinning anymore by electing the right party to lead us from the path Satin has put us on. Satin grabs these so called “liberals” every morning from under their bed by their ankles and takes a hold of them to lead us down his path toward Hell! We need the help of Jesus Christ to stop the coming of Satin before it is too late.

Once again welcome to my blog and God Bless America

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