Friday, August 26, 2011

Save Our Economy – DeRegulate Wall Street

Liberals Hurting Wall St Job Creators
Good day my good people! Today is prosperous Friday and we need to address saving our economy. Our economy has been is a downward spiral since the so called “liberal” has taken control. The liberal’s theories of large government spending and their so called greedy “spread the wealth” mentality have put our job market into the gutter. What we need in order to save our economy is to deregulating Wall St!

Job Creators Not Able to Prosper
You see my good friends; Wall St is where all of the good work is done to grow our job market. The job market needs Wall St friendly politicians who understand the needs of the real job creators in order to create jobs. Once we give Wall St the ability to serve the good people of the world things will get better. What we need to do is eliminate and defund the following:

  • SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission
  • NASD – The National Securities and Exchange Commission
  • FDIC – Federal Deposit and Insurance Commission
  • CFTC – Commodity Future Trading Commission
  • CPA – Consumer Protection Agency
  • EPA – Environmental Protection Agency 

The Misery of Regulation
These are the organizations that are holding back Wall St Exectives from doing their jobs. Once these organizations are eliminated the markets will be free to do whatever is necessary to create wealth. The above agency’s are the direct work of Satan himself trying to spread misery into the world in order to get good people to sell their souls to him in exchange for happiness. You see Satan wants to shackle and hurt the world with his unfair restraints. He uses an ideology know a socialism in order to get people to voluntarily submit to his will. These socialist agencies’s serve Satan in two ways:

  1. Hurting the job creators of Wall St by taking away perfectly good opportunities.
  2. Hurting our manufacturing industries with unfair regulations based on the lie of Global Warming.

The Bible sends us a message on how to fix the situation we are in and what needs to be done to save our economy from the grips of Satan. Here it is directly in the words of the good book.

Timothy 2:26

That they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.”

The Job Creators Are Happy and Able to Create Jobs
What this means is the Devil has got a hold of our economy and we are the ones who need to act by eliminating the shackles of Satan. We can all be happy again once these agencies are defunded and eliminated. This will result in Wall St being able to act on the great opportunities that God will present to them. Not only will this open the door to new and great opportunities but at the same time revive the industries that are suffering from shackles of Satan AKA the so called “Environmental Protection Agency”.

God Bless America

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