Wednesday, August 24, 2011

God’s Wrath Punishes Obama with Earthquake and Now Warns with Hurricane Irene

God's Anger Unleashed with Earthquake
These are dark time my good people and judgment day is coming. President Obama has brought the wrath of God’s glorious power and anger against the east coast of the United States. First it was the earthquake to get the Presidents attention and now hurricane Irene is charging directly toward the white house. This is not a coincidence but the direct hand of God’s wrath warning us. You see my good friends, God spoke to me this morning and warned me that Obama must change his ways! God is upset with Obama’s socialist and demonic ways and wants him to change seven things:

Hurricane Irene Races Toward White House
  1. Make Abortion Illegal
  2. Ban Same Sex Marriage
  3. Ban All Forms of Birth Control
  4. Eliminate Social Security
  5. Deregulate Wall St
  6. Ban the Teaching of Evolution
  7. Submit Himself to God’s Republican Party

Let's all Pray for Forgiveness
If any of these are not meet then God will unleash his glorious powers on this country with more earthquakes, hurricanes and disasters. We all need to pray that President Obama changes his ways and gets the message. The right guidance can be found in Rick Perry and the Republicans as to what needs to be done. These warnings are just the beginning and we need to act now.

To all the good God fearing people of the United States; let’s all pray and repent for our sins and the sins of President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.


  1. It is people like you that make me sick!

  2. how can you claim to know what God wants!?! to me, that is blasphemous. God really wants us to deregulate the financial market? lol, lets just keep trusting the people who caused the world markets to collapse in 2008... yea great idea

  3. Dear Nick,

    I never said I know what God wants because nobody could possibly comprehend his fabulous plan. What I did say is God spoke directly to me and I was simply passing along the messenger. You see God has a plan and I was chosen to spread his glorious word. So please don’t call it “blasphemous” because I am just a messenger.

    As for the financial markets collapsing that is the work of regulators like the SEC, NASD, CFTC, CPA and other busy body, large government spending programs. If you understood the economy then you would know that if we had no regulations this liberal mess we are in would have worked itself out..

    Dr. Rev. Dean Hunter