Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Dangers of Health Care Reform

Health care reform is a common topic in the news these days. I want to share with you what the real agenda of the liberal media is! The liberal media wants you to believe socializing medicine is going to fix the perfectly fine results driven system we have today. The liberals have three goals they want to achieve:

  1. Rewarding the Lazy and Unemployed Socialists.
  2. Hurting the Fine Institutions that Develop Medicines.
  3. Creating an Orgy of Uncontrollable Drug Use Among Our Youth.

Don't Reward the Lazy
You see my good people, the liberals are all about their so called “equal rights” that are so important to their voter base. These voters are typically unemployed people who have a socialist agenda and want free drugs. What they want you to believe is that the hard working people of this country should simply support their health care costs. This is not only a socialist agenda but a way to reward the lazy and unemployed. The lazy unemployed people could easily get a job but instead they prefer to complain about how tough the economy is and why health care should be free. What I say is “give me a break”! These people are exactly where they need to be.

Executive Job Creators
Hurting the fine institutes that develop medicines and cures is one of the main goals of health care reform. Democrats want to punish the medicine makers for their good work and innovation by taking the profit out of their hard work or as they put it “spreading the wealth”.  If health care reform where to happen there would be no wealth left to spread. The lazy and unemployed would burn through it faster than Bernie Maddof destroyed his client’s assets. What the media wants you to believe is that corporations for profit are bad when in fact they are really there to help people and create jobs.

The Orgy of Drug Use that Awaits Our Youth
Finally the main agenda of the liberal media is to create an orgy of uncontrollable drug use among our youth. This is the direct work of Satan grabbing the ankles of the Democrats every morning when they get out of bed. Once he gets a hold, he does not let go easily. If health care reform were to pass, our youth would have unlimited access to all sorts of drugs, creating an orgy of immoral behavior that would consume this country. Just think about this; the liberals are always trying to legalize their so called “medical marijuana” and since we have not given into temptation they are now going for prescription drugs.

Just Say No to Health Care Reform

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