Friday, August 26, 2011

Save Our Economy – DeRegulate Wall Street

Liberals Hurting Wall St Job Creators
Good day my good people! Today is prosperous Friday and we need to address saving our economy. Our economy has been is a downward spiral since the so called “liberal” has taken control. The liberal’s theories of large government spending and their so called greedy “spread the wealth” mentality have put our job market into the gutter. What we need in order to save our economy is to deregulating Wall St!

Job Creators Not Able to Prosper
You see my good friends; Wall St is where all of the good work is done to grow our job market. The job market needs Wall St friendly politicians who understand the needs of the real job creators in order to create jobs. Once we give Wall St the ability to serve the good people of the world things will get better. What we need to do is eliminate and defund the following:

  • SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission
  • NASD – The National Securities and Exchange Commission
  • FDIC – Federal Deposit and Insurance Commission
  • CFTC – Commodity Future Trading Commission
  • CPA – Consumer Protection Agency
  • EPA – Environmental Protection Agency 

The Misery of Regulation
These are the organizations that are holding back Wall St Exectives from doing their jobs. Once these organizations are eliminated the markets will be free to do whatever is necessary to create wealth. The above agency’s are the direct work of Satan himself trying to spread misery into the world in order to get good people to sell their souls to him in exchange for happiness. You see Satan wants to shackle and hurt the world with his unfair restraints. He uses an ideology know a socialism in order to get people to voluntarily submit to his will. These socialist agencies’s serve Satan in two ways:

  1. Hurting the job creators of Wall St by taking away perfectly good opportunities.
  2. Hurting our manufacturing industries with unfair regulations based on the lie of Global Warming.

The Bible sends us a message on how to fix the situation we are in and what needs to be done to save our economy from the grips of Satan. Here it is directly in the words of the good book.

Timothy 2:26

That they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.”

The Job Creators Are Happy and Able to Create Jobs
What this means is the Devil has got a hold of our economy and we are the ones who need to act by eliminating the shackles of Satan. We can all be happy again once these agencies are defunded and eliminated. This will result in Wall St being able to act on the great opportunities that God will present to them. Not only will this open the door to new and great opportunities but at the same time revive the industries that are suffering from shackles of Satan AKA the so called “Environmental Protection Agency”.

God Bless America

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

God’s Wrath Punishes Obama with Earthquake and Now Warns with Hurricane Irene

God's Anger Unleashed with Earthquake
These are dark time my good people and judgment day is coming. President Obama has brought the wrath of God’s glorious power and anger against the east coast of the United States. First it was the earthquake to get the Presidents attention and now hurricane Irene is charging directly toward the white house. This is not a coincidence but the direct hand of God’s wrath warning us. You see my good friends, God spoke to me this morning and warned me that Obama must change his ways! God is upset with Obama’s socialist and demonic ways and wants him to change seven things:

Hurricane Irene Races Toward White House
  1. Make Abortion Illegal
  2. Ban Same Sex Marriage
  3. Ban All Forms of Birth Control
  4. Eliminate Social Security
  5. Deregulate Wall St
  6. Ban the Teaching of Evolution
  7. Submit Himself to God’s Republican Party

Let's all Pray for Forgiveness
If any of these are not meet then God will unleash his glorious powers on this country with more earthquakes, hurricanes and disasters. We all need to pray that President Obama changes his ways and gets the message. The right guidance can be found in Rick Perry and the Republicans as to what needs to be done. These warnings are just the beginning and we need to act now.

To all the good God fearing people of the United States; let’s all pray and repent for our sins and the sins of President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Dangers of Health Care Reform

Health care reform is a common topic in the news these days. I want to share with you what the real agenda of the liberal media is! The liberal media wants you to believe socializing medicine is going to fix the perfectly fine results driven system we have today. The liberals have three goals they want to achieve:

  1. Rewarding the Lazy and Unemployed Socialists.
  2. Hurting the Fine Institutions that Develop Medicines.
  3. Creating an Orgy of Uncontrollable Drug Use Among Our Youth.

Don't Reward the Lazy
You see my good people, the liberals are all about their so called “equal rights” that are so important to their voter base. These voters are typically unemployed people who have a socialist agenda and want free drugs. What they want you to believe is that the hard working people of this country should simply support their health care costs. This is not only a socialist agenda but a way to reward the lazy and unemployed. The lazy unemployed people could easily get a job but instead they prefer to complain about how tough the economy is and why health care should be free. What I say is “give me a break”! These people are exactly where they need to be.

Executive Job Creators
Hurting the fine institutes that develop medicines and cures is one of the main goals of health care reform. Democrats want to punish the medicine makers for their good work and innovation by taking the profit out of their hard work or as they put it “spreading the wealth”.  If health care reform where to happen there would be no wealth left to spread. The lazy and unemployed would burn through it faster than Bernie Maddof destroyed his client’s assets. What the media wants you to believe is that corporations for profit are bad when in fact they are really there to help people and create jobs.

The Orgy of Drug Use that Awaits Our Youth
Finally the main agenda of the liberal media is to create an orgy of uncontrollable drug use among our youth. This is the direct work of Satan grabbing the ankles of the Democrats every morning when they get out of bed. Once he gets a hold, he does not let go easily. If health care reform were to pass, our youth would have unlimited access to all sorts of drugs, creating an orgy of immoral behavior that would consume this country. Just think about this; the liberals are always trying to legalize their so called “medical marijuana” and since we have not given into temptation they are now going for prescription drugs.

Just Say No to Health Care Reform

Monday, August 22, 2011

This is How to Fix the Job Market President Obama

I woke up this morning and was reading the news. Then I came across a story that was about how high our unemployment rate really is. These are some real scary numbers. Since the time President Obama has taken office we all have seen our jobs vanish. This is a clear sign that this so called liberal does not know what he is doing. If President Obama was a man of God then he would do two things:
  1. Abolish the Minimum Wage.
  2. Break the Unions.
New Jersey's Finest Job Creator
That’s right; the minimum wage is holding back the job creators from hiring. Many of you may be saying that is crazy but once the minimum wage is abolished the jobs will come back. You see my good people the minimum wage is nothing more than a way to destroy jobs employers want to fill. There are many small businesses that would hire and many more people who want to work. The only thing that is stopping the job creators from hiring is the cost that the liberals have taxed onto our economy. Not only would eliminating the minimum wage help jump start the economy but it would also let the market set the rates and possible get rid of the illegal immigrants that are leaching off of the good hard working Christian folks.

Unions and organized laborer have been slowly bleeding this nation. The word of God sums it up best with Galatians 5:22-23

“What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?”

This is exactly what unions are doing to this country. They have been tainted by Satins greed for money and are slowly bleeding us financially and spreading their Democratic Vile! These so called labor organizations use mafia tactics to muscle their way into the lives of the average American. Not only are they strong arming the good God fearing people of the world but also the businesses that desperately need the labor. Unions need to be dealt with like the criminals they are. The must be broken and laws need to be passed to prevent any forms of organized labor from forming in the future.

God Bless America

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Breaking News: Rick Perry Saves Libya from Moammar Gadafhi

Our Savior "Saint Rick"
Rick Perry is a man of God who set out for a day of national prayer. His great actions to pray for the United Stated of America have led to God listening and setting forth the events that are leading to Moammar Gadafi to fall from power. Mr. Gadafi has been under the spell of Satan and has been working as one of his minions by doing immoral acts to his own people. When Rick Perry prayed with more than 30,000 people at Reliant Stadium in Texas he has started to show God that we need his help and want his forgiveness.

What this country need is more prayer services to help solve the troubles that we are facing. Libya may not be a direct issue for America but the problems we face from the Evil in this world cannot be ignored. You see my good people; Satan’s agenda is to corrupt the leaders of the world in order to get the rest of us to follow. When we pray it empowers us by having God on our side. We all need to thank Rick Perry for what he has done and really think about the power of prayer. Just imagine how much good we could really do if we all set out to have many more prayer events like Saint Rick has done.

Rick Perry, Thank You for Saving Libya!

Welcome to The Republican Views Blog - Where GOD Leads us to Salvation.

Welcome to my first blog. My name is Doctor Reverend Dean Hunter and just like many of you I am very upset about how the government is handling our affairs.

I am on a mission from God to expose the government for the immoral sins against humanity that are being committed at this moment. This is a project that I will do on my spare time when I am either not praying or mentoring our youth with my strong morally straight conservative views. I will expose the issues that are corrupting this country by addressing the moral sins that have led to our dire situation.

These are dark times where God will pass judgment on humanity for turning away from the church. Judgment day is coming and it is time to act. We must stop allowing these democratic liberals from sinning anymore by electing the right party to lead us from the path Satin has put us on. Satin grabs these so called “liberals” every morning from under their bed by their ankles and takes a hold of them to lead us down his path toward Hell! We need the help of Jesus Christ to stop the coming of Satin before it is too late.

Once again welcome to my blog and God Bless America